Manual scanner

Manual scanner for ultrasonic testing.


Manual Scanners & Encoders

The STARMANS Encoders & Manual Scanners are light, small and versatile. Scanners are designed with magnetic wheels to be used on plates and pipes for circumferential scans. It’s applicable with one or two probes. The scanner’s probes are easy to use and precise with a full scale range adjustment. The main application of manual scanner is a maintenance of a weld inspection. It can be used up to four probes. The scanner frame has ruler for easy and precise adjustment of probes. The position of handles can be changed to get into hard-to-reach places. The main application of manual scanner is maintenance weld inspection.

The Starmans Mini PA Encoder

is especially designed for use with STARMANS 16-32 elements Phased Array and Wedge 36 for synchronization and recording of position and dimension of defects in the scanning axis. It is small, light, ABS durable and water resistant. It can be used in harsh environment like a dust and water. The special wheel ensures movement of encoder on every surface of material, not to miss any measured data.

ODI Encoder

is used to provide encoded position of a probe along the scan axis. The small size of the Odi makes it a perfect tool for hard to access areas or where space is limited. The Odi has a clamp systém so it can be used with any manufactures wedge and probe combination. This also allows it to be clamped to a scanning frame to provide encoded position.

STIX scanners

with a trailing encoder and magnetic wheels. It is designed for scanning with two PA or TOFD probes around ferrous piping and vessels. It‚s simple and functional design allows for minimal adjustments between scan setups.

  • Use for circumferential scans on pipes with outside diameter 6,69 in (170 mm) or greater
  • Light aluminum frame with length 19,68 in (500 mm). Optionally other sizes are available
  • Removable handles
  • Probes can be positioned outside the wheels
  • Magnetic wheels with protective rubber
  • Spring-loaded probe holders for 4 probes
  • The probe positioning is fully adjustable
  • Ruler on the scanner frame
  • Waterproof, spring-loaded encoder as option
  • Water manifold integrated into the scanner frame

Mouse and Combi scanners   

  • Rigid, ergonomic design
  • Modular construction and versatility Probe
  • THREE in ONE scanner
  • Possibility to rebuild to several versions
  • Spring – loaded Probe holders ensure stability for high quality scans
  • Application with one, two PA or TOFD probes
  • Built – in encoder
  • Best market price


       Tofd 2 probes or PA 1 probe

2D scanner for corrosion mapping :

For scanning a flat area, for corrosion mapping, thickness mapping,

-under development