STARMANS inspection systems are useful for many applications and type of industry and the one of the main subjects of NDT testing is railways, wheels, axles and railway rail. Rail inspection becomes more and more important today, with increased traffic, higher speed and heavier loads. Our systems are made as manual or automated systems with high sensitivity and speed of crack control. The devices are generally complies with international norms for railway testing and modifying for local norms is always possible.

  • Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing

    Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing

    During the last decade, air coupled ultrasonic testing has advanced from being a laboratory curiosity, of little practical application, to a point where it i...

  • Railway wheels ultrasonic

    Railway wheels ultrasonic

    System overview The STARMANS company has been developing the equipment for ultrasonic inspection of railway wheels since 1998. Several different conceptions...

  • Railway wheels magnetic testing

    Railway wheels magnetic testing

    System overview During the last year, STARMANS company have been developing an automatic system for surface defect detection on train wheels. The main goal ...

  • Railway rail testing

    Railway rail testing

    The article gives an introduction to some important issues of a rail. The rails are an important and vital part of a railway system and are exposed, during s...

  • EMAT Application

    EMAT Application

    EMAT - ElectroMagnetic Acoustic Transducer - Application Fields testing of steel bars and rods testing of tubes and pipes testing of pressure vessels...

  • Phased array DIO 1000

    Phased array DIO 1000

    Phased array - calibration [caption id="attachment_571" align="alignnone" width="500"] Constructed system DIO1000, phased array - calibration gauge[/caption...