Metals and alloys

  • Ultrasonic billets inspection

    Ultrasonic billets inspection

    The STARMANS DIO 2000 Automated Ultrasonic Device For Billets Testing is automated system designed for ultrasonic testing of rounded and square billets. Ultr...

  • Infrared billets inspection

    Infrared billets inspection

    IR System for thermographic crack detection uses inductive heating of steel billets under inspection - DIO 4000. IR method skin effect [caption id="attachm...

  • Inspection of seamless tubes

    Inspection of seamless tubes

    Automated ultrasonic inspection of seamless tubes. Description of the Equipment Drive mechanism for tubes through testing bench Roller wheel - measu...

  • EMAT Application

    EMAT Application

    EMAT - ElectroMagnetic Acoustic Transducer - Application Fields testing of steel bars and rods testing of tubes and pipes testing of pressure vessels...