A major requirement automotive manufacturers are still inspection system to automated spot weld inspection in the automotive industry, testing mechanical integrity of welding, quality assurance testing (QA) of mass-produced parts, automotive engine testing, and aluminium components used in cars.

  • Testing of pressure vessels

    Testing of pressure vessels

    NDT methods generally used for ispection of pressure vessels. Detection of surface defects Visual testing (VT) Eddy current testing (ET) Magnetic pa...

  • Ultrasonic billets inspection

    Ultrasonic billets inspection

    The STARMANS DIO 2000 Automated Ultrasonic Device For Billets Testing is automated system designed for ultrasonic testing of rounded and square billets. Ultr...

  • Spot welding ultrasonic testing

    Spot welding ultrasonic testing

    What is a Spotweld? Spotwelding Electrical Resistance Welding Cast nugget holds together two or more sheets of a rolled material Spotweld Sizes are...