Ultrasonic billets inspection

The STARMANS DIO 2000 Automated Ultrasonic Device For Billets Testing is automated system designed for ultrasonic testing of rounded and square billets. Ultrasonic testing is done by linear movement. Billets are passing into an immersion rack through two cassettes.


The system is durable and consists of two rigid frames. Oneis for round billets and the second one is for square billets testing. According to a request the system can be equipped with marking device.




The electronic part of the STARMANS DIO 2000 Automated Ultrasonic System For Billets Testing controls all device functions and processing of ultrasonic signals from theprobes. All electronic elements and UT cards are module-wise composed and connected in cabinet.

Control and Software

The system is controlled by PLC Siemens using a touchscreen panel. The device can interface with existing networkof company. Software for DIO 2000 has been developed for control and displaying and has the following features: settings, measuring, monitoring the data and calibration.It is user-friendly and easy to operate. There isa possibility of quick change of test parameters and system adjustment.


DIO2000 Ultrasonic for billets testing 60 mm-450 mm


The system enables to make analysis, statistics, and reports for further evaluation, large data basis and printing. The records can be arranged according to a customer´s special request.

The above details are based on standard supplied system. The STARMANS electronics can design and offer a turnkey custom solution to meet specifications and requirementsof customer.