Our equipment and systems find wide application in different industries and regions around the world. Here are some examples of applications.

  • Testing of pressure vessels

    Testing of pressure vessels

    NDT methods generally used for ispection of pressure vessels. Detection of surface defects Visual testing (VT) Eddy current testing (ET) Magnetic pa...

  • Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing

    Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing

    During the last decade, air coupled ultrasonic testing has advanced from being a laboratory curiosity, of little practical application, to a point where it i...

  • Ultrasonic billets inspection

    Ultrasonic billets inspection

    The STARMANS DIO 2000 Automated Ultrasonic Device For Billets Testing is automated system designed for ultrasonic testing of rounded and square billets. Ultr...

  • Infrared billets inspection

    Infrared billets inspection

    IR System for thermographic crack detection uses inductive heating of steel billets under inspection - DIO 4000. IR method skin effect [caption id="attachm...

  • Inspection of seamless tubes

    Inspection of seamless tubes

    Automated ultrasonic inspection of seamless tubes. Description of the Equipment Drive mechanism for tubes through testing bench Roller wheel - measu...

  • Railway wheels ultrasonic

    Railway wheels ultrasonic

    System overview The STARMANS company has been developing the equipment for ultrasonic inspection of railway wheels since 1998. Several different conceptions...

  • Railway wheels magnetic testing

    Railway wheels magnetic testing

    System overview During the last year, STARMANS company have been developing an automatic system for surface defect detection on train wheels. The main goal ...

  • Railway rail testing

    Railway rail testing

    The article gives an introduction to some important issues of a rail. The rails are an important and vital part of a railway system and are exposed, during s...

  • Scanning Electron Microscope

    Scanning Electron Microscope

    STARMANS electronics specializes in the development and manufacture of electronic systems used in non-destructive testing (NDT) applications. Our success in ...

  • EMAT Application

    EMAT Application

    EMAT - ElectroMagnetic Acoustic Transducer - Application Fields testing of steel bars and rods testing of tubes and pipes testing of pressure vessels...

  • Spot welding ultrasonic testing

    Spot welding ultrasonic testing

    What is a Spotweld? Spotwelding Electrical Resistance Welding Cast nugget holds together two or more sheets of a rolled material Spotweld Sizes are...

  • Phased array DIO 1000

    Phased array DIO 1000

    Phased array - calibration [caption id="attachment_571" align="alignnone" width="500"] Constructed system DIO1000, phased array - calibration gauge[/caption...